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Monday, June 26, 2017

Hardy Fuchsias with decent fruit

I will be trialing 10 varieties of Fuchsia for fruit quality and overwintering ability in Pierce County, WA (USDA zone 8, but seems to act more like zone 7 sometimes).

My initial selection criteria for these ten varieties follows:
*Hardiness rating of H3 (hardy after established with mulch only required the first year)
*Upright or semi-upright for growing in the ground
*Showy flowers (according to my tastes)
*Availability at time of order

The 10 varieties chosen:
*'Alice Hoffman'
*'Jingle Bells'
*'Santa Claus'
*'Double Otto'
*'Delta's Sarah'

These will all be small rooted starts so I will overwinter them in an unheated greenhouse for the first winter.  Then if mature enough I will plant them in the ground spring or summer of next year (2018) and mulch them heavily their first winter.  I will not fully judge their fruit quality until they have established in the ground.

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